While technology and access to healthcare are improving rapidly in the world, there are still many communities with barriers to information and access. 

Finding these hot spots and persuading members of the community to seek care — likely out of reach — is a time consuming process and delays treatment even further.

Infinity’s comprehensive Mobile Van is designed to optimize this process. Rather than patients travelling to points of care, this approach allows you to bring quality lung health screening capabilities to the patients — with a screening cycle of less than a day.


LHC’s Mobile Van is a 20ft container turned clinic that provides ample space for you to set up high quality lung health screening infrastructure in a manner that fits your program needs, and creates a comfortable environment for both patients and staff.

It can be attached to a chassis or a trailer to be taken into interior areas with limited access. 

Digital Radiography (DR) is an innovation for the timekeepers. Although Computed Radiography (CR) and DR are used extensively for Chest X-rays, at LHC we insist on using DRs that are durable and can take at least 100 X-rays per day. You’ll have the option to choose from a selection of the best X-ray providers, depending on the distribution centres in your country.

LHC’s concept was developed with durability in mind. As your program travels to remote areas providing quality healthcare that matches the level of service being provided in more urban and accessible areas, a 3-year maintenance contract* will ensure uninterrupted program execution. 

*This is only for the Van. The maintenance for individual components like X-ray, Generator and UPS will be part of the warranty offered for those separately by the Vendors

Customization is one of LHC’s core themes, and the Van is no exception. You will have the ability to fully customise your space — from interior design to the choice of equipment based on what suits the scale of operations in your respective country. This freedom of choice offers flexibility for better decision making depending on the prevailing conditions in your area.

The Van will include provisions for: 

    • Carrying out chest X-rays in a lead shielded room,
    • GeneXpert system for Genexpert testing in case of abnormality,
    • An integrated software solution that will ease the process for diagnosis and improve operational efficiency,

and other elements that will make it a complete package.