LHC Insights comes packed with learnings from some of the most successful lung health teams in the world, allowing new teams to run large programs on “auto-pilot” mode.  Our algorithms recommend the best use of your resources as a public health program and predict optimal next steps, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to improve patient care and maximise efficiency.

See your data and outcomes
in real time

Our Insights feature is backed by real-time data that you collect using the EMR and Program Management features. This means that the insights you see are based on up-to-the-minute information, allowing you to quickly make informed decisions on how best to improve your program’s performance.


Track and predict
resource use
and costs

Using data from the Event Planner, patient information and diagnostic data, Insights can guide you on how to operationalise your program — where to send a van next, where to hold a screening camp, how many people are optimally involved in a camp, and more. And to make this truly relevant to your program, you can adjust these predictions using multiple factors like cost, patient yield, age, gender and many more.

See your program from multiple perspectives

Different programs run at different scales. Insights allows you to access powerful analytics from the national level all the way down to cities, supporting you in making the best decisions for each context. Our heatmaps allow you to view the results of previous community screening efforts at different levels of the program and to make contextualised decisions on how best to use program resources.