Infinity includes a highly scalable, comprehensive, user-customisable Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and program management system that supports the Search, Treat, Prevent model for disease control and management. 

The system collects data at every point in the patient journey, allowing you to get visibility on the macro and micro perspective of your programs.

Track and report data for multiple programs and interventions

The EMR system allows large scale, digital data collection for multiple interventions and disease programs. Through this you can track and analyse patient and disease information both at the individual and community levels, from the point of  screening, through diagnosis, treatment initiation, follow-up, and final outcome. Data can be entered through an Android app or through your web browser.

Our system also features a time trend tool that showcases the yield of various lung diseases overtime within your community – giving you the ability to track the progress of disease control and patient success.

Using EMR, you can analyse the effectiveness and productivity of your screenings in different areas. This will better guide your allocation of costs and resources for maximum efficiency.

Customise workflows to suit your program needs

With this system, you don’t simply input data — you decide what data you collect. Since every program functions differently, we provide you with a user friendly interface that allows customisation of your workflows and data entry forms allowing you to create a system that follows your exact protocols. As you analyse and learn from your data, you can adjust your workflows to best suit your needs — all without any software development effort.

Efficiently schedule and manage screening events 

The EMR also gives you the power to schedule screening events and track costs to help you make the most of your resources. Using our friendly calendar interface, you can schedule community screening using camps or Mobile X-ray Vans, decide which of your team members will be in the van, what equipment they will use, where the van will go and more. The Event Planner links patients to events and tracks cost per patient found. This operational advantage allows you to use this data to make decisions that optimise your resources for maximum efficiency and find missing patients.

Control access and security of data

We take patient privacy and confidentiality seriously.  All data is encrypted using industry standard encryption algorithms. Also, a powerful and flexible system of roles and privileges allows you to decide who has access to what data.